Please sign this waiver before beginning any Cyberscan Sessions with us.


I desire to participate in one or more biofeedback treatment sessions and consultations with Eric Nies and Cyberscan Power.

Services Disclaimer. I understand and realize that Eric Nies and Cyberscan Power are energy and biofeedback practitioners and are NOT medical doctors. I understand that these consultations and treatments are in no way medical treatments intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe, advise or cure any condition nor guarantee health-related results. I understand that Eric Nies and Cyberscan Power make no promises or guarantees as to the results of these treatments, and I understand that everyone’s physiology and biochemistry are different.

Liability Release. In further consideration for my consultation(s) and treatment(s) with Eric Nies, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressively waive any current or future claim I may have against Eric Nies or Cyberscan Power, its employees, owners, contractors, instructors, directors, officers, volunteers or agents with respect to the ultimate outcome of my consultation or the use of any dietary, nutritional or energy supplements discussed and administered during the course of my consultation(s) and treatment(s). I also understand that any foods or dietary supplements I choose to consume, or any natural therapies I choose to pursue are at my own discretion, of my own free will and at my own risk. I further acknowledge and agree all waivers, releases and covenants made herein are binding on me, my family, estate, heirs or legal representatives.

I further acknowledge that it is my responsibility to contact and consult with my primary care physician before starting or engaging in any natural health program, diets, dietary supplements, or alternative therapies. I will not discontinue, change or alter any medications or therapies that have been prescribed for me by a physician without first consulting the prescribing physician.

Consent. I have carefully read, fully understand and agree to the contents of this contract.