Eric Nies is a licensed practitioner of the most advanced technology of its kind, called the CyberScan, and the only device in the world that uses modified Tesla coils to transfer energetic information to the immune system.  Eric Nies is the only CyberScan practitioner who combines this advanced technology with ancient healing practices to fully integrate the energetic signals into the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Eric Nies is one of the most advanced and experienced Cyberscan practitioners in the USA, with over 3 years of experience applying this technology, and was the 7th practitioner to be licensed in North America. The CyberScan has been used for many years in Europe.

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Eric Nies



Emotional Health

Eric Nies is best known as the teen idol from MTV’s “The Real World/New York,” the first ever reality show launched in 1992, and the host of one of the world’s most watched dance program, “MTV’s The Grind,” viewed in over 90 million homes around the world. “MTV’s The Grind” became so popular that Eric released “The Grind Workout” a multi-platinum video series. For the following 10 years, Eric made numerous appearances on talk shows, MTV programs including “Real World Challenges,” movies, as well as appeared in magazines and advertising campaigns. As one of reality television’s biggest stars, Eric was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame as one of the “Pioneers of Reality Television.” Throughout his career, Eric’s greatest passion has been to help people and children and the planet, and he has started numerous organization, movements, and projects to help build awareness for health and well-being for all life on earth. Eric Nies has spent the past two decades fearlessly embarking on dozens of adventures around the world—including participating in all-night shamanic journeys deep in the Amazonian jungle, martial arts training under the iron-fist of a Vietnamese Grand Master, surfing and cliff-jumping with local kids in Fijian paradise, chanting with 2,000 monks in the Himalayas, participating in Native American spirit ceremonies, shearing sheep in New Zealand, sky-diving in Mexico, deep-water diving in the Galapagos, fasting in the desert for 43 days, partying for a week in South Beach Miami with no sleep, and diving into a frozen lake to save a puppy. Eric’s desire for exploration and unmatched fearlessness have led him into many near-death experiences, and his unconquerable spirit and massive heart have shown that in any life experience there is always the choice to respond with love instead of fear. Eric has decades of training in natural foods, nutrition, alternative and holistic health, and through his work healing health issues and degenerative diseases and experimenting with his own health, he has a deep understanding of how to apply the healing power of pure, whole, natural foods. Through Eric’s decades of training with spiritual masters, shamans and healers, and spiritual self-exploration remembering who he is, he has developed an ability to help people find inner peace, connect them to source, clear stuck emotions and fears, and find their authentic power. Eric has worked as a life, health, nutrition and wellness facilitator, a spiritual guide, and an addiction rehabilitation facilitator for over a decade. Eric is a licensed CyberScan quantum energy practitioner, and a licensed Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine; he works as a transformational facilitator, and quantum cellular balancer.